Rescue group looking for puppy escorts from Regina to Vancouver Island

A B.C. based rescue group is asking anyone flying from Regina to Vancouver Island this winter to help escort an overwhelming number of dogs in its care.

The non-profit and foster-based organization Flirting with Fido, works to find homes for neglected or unwanted dogs.

“A lot of people are unaware about the animal overpopulation [in Saskatchewan] – there are so many remote northern communities here that the dogs just don’t get the right vet care that they need because there’s no veterinarians in those areas,” Flirting with Fido founder Tara Richmond said. “There isn’t a lot of spay and neuter happening, which perpetuates the overpopulation.”

Without enough foster families to help take in the rescues, the organization said it’s overwhelmed by the roughly 100 dogs in its care.

“We can only take in as many dogs as we have fosters for, so unfortunately sometimes we do have to turn people away and tell them we can’t help,” Richmond said. “We try to recommend other rescues that might be able to help, but currently in Saskatchewan, pretty much every rescue is full.”

Just last week the group put out a plea on Facebook saying they are in desperate need of puppy escorts.

“Right now our issue is getting these dogs to B.C., where there are plenty of homes, but not a lot of dogs for adoption,” Richmond said.

Anyone who can help, is asked to call their airline and add a kennel to their ticket, or as many as possible. The organization would pay all fees associated with the trip and would meet you at the terminal in Regina to drop off the dogs and pick them up at the end of your journey.

“We have volunteers all over the island and some on the mainland who will meet people there,” Richmond said.

Adding, due to heavy travel volumes, airlines place an embargo on travelling with animals and for Westjet from Dec. 15 to Jan. 6.

“We can’t take in anymore dogs until we can get these ones out and that’s the heartbreaking reality,” Richmond said.

More information can be found on their Facebook page, Flirting with Fido. There are also opportunities to foster and adopt as well.

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