Reports of fraudulent donations collected in Regina prompt police advisory

Regina police say someone or multiple people are collecting donations, asking for recyclable bottles and cash, and claiming to be doing so for Regina’s North Central Family Centre (NCFC).

Police say they are door-knocking on foot and are not connected to the NCFC.


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They said there have been a number of calls reporting the ‘fake canvassers’ and are putting out a reminder to ask for credentials when door-knockers approach your home.

The NCFC says they do knock on doors for donations from time to time fund their programming, but are not canvassing at this time. When they do fundraise, their youth will travel with two youth workers and have a van which clearly displays their branding and logo.

They will also verify their identity and the organization they’re representing.

If someone knocks on your door, police say to ask for credentials every time before making any donation, whether it be bottles or cash.

Residents should be aware of exactly who they are donating to, and make sure that person is verified.

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