Regina band set to rock The Exchange and promote inclusivity

A Regina-based rock band is getting set to headline an event promoting inclusivity at The Exchange on Nov. 2.

It’s the second annual All Ages Celebration Show put on by Unfazed, which includes band-mates Bryson and Tanner Bolianatz, and Drew Osborne.

The idea of inclusivity hits particularly close to home for the 17-year-olds. Bryson – who plays rhythm guitar – has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around.

“It hasn’t really been about the disability,” says Bryson, “because once we all get up on stage, we all just play our parts and a song comes out.”

Bryson’s twin brother, Tanner, handles lead guitar and vocals. He acknowledges the uniqueness of the band’s situation, saying “it’s just something you don’t see, right? A guy up on stage jamming in a wheelchair.”

“It doesn’t matter if I’m in a wheelchair,” says Bryson. “Or that we’re all 17. Anyone can play good music.”

The band doesn’t want Bryson’s disability to be something that defines their image, or their sound. In fact, Tanner says he wants it to be looked at something totally normal.

That sort of mentality, combined with a negative experience with a venue that turned them down for an all-ages show, led the group to The Cultural Exchange – which is an exclusively all-ages venue.

Osborne – described by his mother as essentially the Bolianatzs’ “other brother” – says the show last year was more than they could have hoped for.

“Last year was astonishing,” he recalls. “It was a gross night too, like an inch and a half of snow.”

About 70 people turned out for the inaugural show, and Unfazed has made every effort to make this year’s edition even bigger – including adding two other local acts to the bill.

They also emphasize the fact that there’s no target audience.

“It doesn’t matter what circle you run in, what skin colour you have, or gender you are,” says Tanner. “You are welcome on this night, to be brought together by music.”

The show starts at 8 p.m. on the club side of The Exchange, and tickets are $10 at the door.

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