Passenger calls airport worker ‘rapist’ and says she has gun during epic tantrum

A woman has been filmed firing a tirade of abuse at an airport before calling him a rapist and claiming she had a gun.

The footage was recorded by Rapper Post Malone’s manager Dre London as he waited in a Florida airport for a delayed flight.

It shows the woman screaming and lifting herself up onto the counter to get closer to the man she was verbally attacking.

It is not clear why she was upset, but other passengers were reported to have been delayed for 10 hours due to a cancelled flight.

In the clip the woman can be heard screaming: "God damn it! Who does that to a woman like me. Who?

"Get me out of this sick f***ing  place. Get me out of here.

"I have a f***ing gun on me because I’m homeless."

She then grabs her bag and walks off, but the video then ends with the woman being arrested while sat on the floor as police tell people to keep walking.

Dre London posted the video to Instagram, with the caption: "I wake up this am to my video going viral & many calls including @foxnews.

"So yesterday I was stuck in the airport for 10hrs as #JetBlue flight was canceled due to computer failure.

"They said we would send another plane from New York but this took many hrs. 

"While in Fort Lauderdale airport everyone remained calm apart from this woman who went crazy on #JetBlue staff called him a rapist & she said she had a gun."

A JetBlue spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle: "On January 6, crew members at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport requested assistance from local law enforcement after a customer was denied boarding for indications of intoxication and became disruptive."

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