Parents, How Are You Doing?

If your kids are taking their classes online — either entirely or a few days a week — because of the coronavirus crisis, we’d love to hear from you. What is your best advice for other parents in a similar situation? Is there a way that you’ve set up your home or dealt with technology problems? Are you making small changes to your family routine or just throwing it away altogether? And … how are you managing to work with your kids at home?

We may feature some of your replies in a future article or issue of the Coronavirus Schools Briefing newsletter. Deep breath. You’re going to be OK.

Parents: How are you dealing with remote learning?

We hope you’ve not pulled all your hair out yet. To help other parents, and maybe just to vent, tell us how you’re coping with remote learning. We may share some responses in a future article or edition of the Coronavirus Schools Briefing.

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