Montreal police boost surveillance around synagogues, schools after online threats target Jewish community

Montreal police say they are being vigilant after a man was released on bail after making online death threats last week against the city’s Jewish community.

In a letter to members of the community, police say the man was arrested and charged on Oct. 25 with threats and incitement to hatred. He was then released on $500 bail “with conditions that he not use social media and keep the peace.”

The hate crimes and incidents unit have since been checking in on the man to ensure he complies with those conditions, according to the letter.

Police say they have also increased surveillance around synagogues and schools in Montreal.

“Rest assured that our patrol officers are vigilant and available,” the letter reads.

In the letter, police advise members of the Jewish community to contact them if they are a witness or victim of a hate crime or incident.

Comments taken down

Last week, Rabbi Reuben Poupko, co-president of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs-Quebec, commended police for their rapid response and professionalism. Poupko told Global News it was police who informed them of the arrest.

At the time, the SPVM said it could not comment on specific cases and couldn’t confirm or deny whether there was an ongoing investigation concerning an individual.

The comments were allegedly posted Wednesday, Oct. 24, on the Facebook page of the Journal de Montréal — a French-language daily newspaper.

In a news release, CIJA expressed its dismay over the comments and provided a screen grab of the threatening rant. The comments have since been taken down.

A screen grab of threatening comments allegedly posted on the Journal de Montréal Facebook page.

Written in French, the poster’s first comment says how a good Jew should be used as firewood. The person then goes on to brag that no one is as anti-Zionist as he his and that he will surely kill a few.

The posts escalate to read, “Not a problem, what counts is how many Jews I will have eliminated by killing a whole school of Jewish girls.”

He goes on to say that it’s not a threat, but a promise and accuses Jews of wanting to kill everyone, so they shouldn’t complain if others want to do the same in return.

He ends his rant by reminding readers that an immigrant is, by definition, an enemy who will vote against your values and your rights and steal your job.

Global News has reached out the Journal de Montréal for comment but has yet to hear back.

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