London Bluesfest on its last legs: promoter

London’s Bluesfest may soon be giving its farewell performance.

That’s the word from promoter Ron Schroeyens, who says unless organizers find a way to bring more money in for the four-day Harris Park festival, it’ll be lights out.

“There is a handful of really strong supporters that are yelling and screaming at us to keep this going,” Schroeyens said.

“However, at the end of the day, it’s a numbers thing and it’s just not selling,” he added.

Schroeyens, who revived Bluesfest in 2016, says this year the festival sold 800 tickets a day, well below the numbers organizers had hoped for.

“The goal for these festivals has always been to sell tickets, but we’re just not meeting those financial expectations,” he said.

“Unless a major sponsor comes along, we may have to go the way of Rock the Park or the Windsor Bluesfest and bring in other genres of music, or go back to holding free concerts in Victoria Park.”

This year’s acts included Sheepdogs, Foghat, Colin James, Blue Oyster Cult, and others.

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