Habitual runaways majority of youth reported missing in Saskatoon

The majority of people reported missing during a six-month period in Saskatoon were habitual youth runaways, according to a report heading to the board of police commissioners on Thursday.

The report says 1,693 missing person reports were filed between April 1 and Sept. 30, 2018.

Of the 1,346 youth reported missing, 93 per cent of the 867 girls were reported missing two or more times during the reporting period, according to police.

Ten of the habitual runaways involved girls in group or foster homes, who accounted for 222 of the missing person reports.

There was a similar finding for missing boys.

The report found that out of 427 incidents, habitual runaways made up 89 per cent of the cases. Two of the cases generated 39 and 35 calls respectively.


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There were 283 adults reported missing during the six-month period.

Saskatoon police also said there are 10 long-term, historical missing cases defined as missing for two months or longer.

The longest case dates back to Oct. 20, 1953, when Kathleen Johnston, who was 26 at the time, was reported missing.

The report states all historical missing files remain open, however, some are inactive at this time.

Missing persons reports are the seventh most frequent call to the Saskatoon Police Service and the third most frequent investigation.

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