Former Rep. Max Rose Says He Will Not Run for New York City Mayor

Max Rose, the recently ousted Democratic congressman from Staten Island, will not run for mayor of New York City after all, he announced on Sunday morning.

In a statement, Mr. Rose did not offer reasons for withdrawing from the race, which already has more than 12 other contenders. Reached by phone, Mr. Rose said, “The statement certainly speaks for itself.”

In the statement, he urged other candidates to pay heed to the needs of the “working class.”

“People are scared and unsure if the New York they love will still exist in the years to come,” Mr. Rose said. “The next mayor can’t just balance the budget, he or she must build a social contract that leaves no one behind.”

He also indicated he and his wife had plans to adopt a baby. They are already the parents of a son.

Mr. Rose’s abrupt decision comes after he had taken several steps aimed at mounting a bid for the mayoralty that he himself said would be an “underdog campaign.”

In early December, he created a mayoral campaign committee with the city’s campaign finance board, a step that allows candidates to raise money and spend it.

He also made a point of meeting with the Rev. Al Sharpton, who said Mr. Rose would “add some excitement to the campaign.”

But it was never clear how Mr. Rose’s record as a centrist Democrat from the relatively conservative bastion of Staten Island would play in a Democratic primary in New York City.

“Where is the base?” asked Christina Greer, a Fordham University political science professor. “What, you have middle-of-the-road Staten Islanders?”

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