Airline Bans Alaska State Senator Over Mask Policy Violation

Alaska Airlines said it would not allow State Senator Lora Reinbold to fly because she refused to comply with its mask rules.

By Jesus Jiménez

Alaska Airlines has banned an Alaska state lawmaker from its flights for violating its mask policies, the company said.

The lawmaker, Lora Reinbold, a Republican state senator, was captured on video arguing with employees at Juneau International Airport about the airline’s mask rules, according to footage posted on Twitter.

“We need you to pull the mask up, or I’m not going to let you on the flight,” an airport employee is heard saying to Ms. Reinbold on the videos, which were posted on Thursday.

“It is up,” Ms. Reinbold responds.

“It is not,” an employee says. “It’s down below your nose. We can’t have it down.”

It was not clear if she was permitted on the flight and one of the videos showed her leaving the boarding area. In the videos, Ms. Reinbold can be seen wearing a mask. It was not clear what prompted the confrontation at the airport or what happened immediately before the footage was taken.

Ms. Reinbold said on Facebook she learned on Saturday that she was banned from flying with the airline.

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