Inside Boris Johnson’s litter-strewn Toyota Previa

An Ikea bag, Dutch cheese crackers and discarded coffee cups: Inside Boris Johnson’s litter-strewn and mud-smeared Toyota Previa

He is known for his messy hair – and it seems Boris Johnson takes the same approach to his car when it comes to keeping it tidy.

The Tory leadership frontrunner’s Toyota Previa GX has seen better days judging by the contents of the back seats.

Parked up outside his London home, it is full of empty coffee cups, plastic bags from Ikea and Sports Direct and discarded clothes.

A copy of children’s book Tintin and the Blue Lotus, written in French, can also be seen between the back seats alongside other books in a Marks and Spencer bag.

The seats in the petrol vehicle, believed to have been built in the mid 1990s, also have mud stains and are showing some wear and tear from years of use.

The outside of the car could also do with a wash, as the metallic blue Toyota is covered in leaves, dust and bird droppings.

Mr Johnson has recently been praised for smartening up his image with girlfriend Carrie Symonds credited as being behind his efforts.  

Boris Johnson is known for his messy hair, and it appears he takes the same approach with his car after pictures revealed it was a mess with clothes strewn about the back seats, pictured, and plastic bags from Sports Direct and Ikea left on the floor

A Tintin children’s book can also be seen sticking out of a Marks and Spencer bag, pictured, among other books

Discarded coffee cups have also been left in the front of the Toyota Previa GX, pictured, while the footwell has traces of mud and dirt 

The vehicle was built in the mid-90s and the seats are showing some wear and tear including mud-stains. Receipts are also seen on the floor alongside a lone glove

The outside of the metallic-blue vehicle, pictured, is also in need of some care as it is covered in dirt and bird droppings

Mr Johnson, pictured with the car in May, is the frontrunner for the Tory leadership and thus in line to be the next Prime Minister of Britain 

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